Happier clients,
healthier business.

Effa provides a wide selection of amenities made perfectly to meet your business needs and grow your way to achieving SDG goals.

We are a family business, that was born from an idea of a better future. We stand for the highest quality, unique design and personal service. Welcome to browse our selection of products.

XXI century is an era of a plastic-free transition. Dozens of businesses worldwide are banning disposable plastics, but are there enough alternatives on the market?

Effa has cared about our clients and our Planet at the same time. We are providing fully recyclable and eco-friendly products with the quality and design even better, that the plastic alternatives. Stop hesitating and give our planet another chance.

Meet effa

It is time to make changes

  • 81% of travellers surveyed by said they plan to choose a sustainable accommodation option in 2023.
  • 37% of hotel companies are part of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, making up 4.5 million hotel rooms.
  • 30% of Hilton guests research a hotel’s environmental and social practices before booking, according to 2022 survey.

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