New podcast release with Dasha Kichuk and Joeri Billast

Today’s guest is Dasha Kichuk, CEO & Co-Founder of Effa Toothbrush. They are creating amazing sustainable products, aiming to replace disposable plastics around the World. For the past 10 years, Dasha has been working as a project manager in different huge international companies, but she has always felt that she didn’t fit there. So she […]

Podcasts About Sustainable Living

Today we want to share with you four of our favorite podcasts about eco-living and sustainability. Here you can learn more not only about global trends, such as sustainable fashion but also about where to start if you want to live more eco-consciously. You can also find tips to make your everyday life easier with […]

Effa Or Electric Toothbrush?

One of the frequently asked questions is “What if I’m already using an electric toothbrush? Why do I need Effa?”   Well, first of all we have to say: there is nothing wrong with electric toothbrushes. It is great if you already use beautiful high tech electric toothbrushes or oral irrigators.    Effa is a […]