How Is An Effa Brush Better Than A Bamboo Toothbrush?

What’s wrong with bamboo toothbrushes?

You may already know that Effa is different from other eco-friendly toothbrushes due to its construction and design. But what makes it better than them, especially bamboo toothbrushes? In this article we’ll try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. 


Obviously, it is much better for the environment to use eco products instead of plastic. But is bamboo toothbrush really that sustainable? Let’s take a look at its construction. 


Most bamboo toothbrushes have nylon bristles that are fixed in the wooden body. It’s easy and comfortable to use it as long as you wish, but when it comes to recycling, there might be a challenge. For proper recycling you need to somehow remove nylon bristles. It is not enough to cut off the bristles by scissors, because part of the nylon still remains inside. So you can try to remove it using pliers, for example. It is time consuming, and requires additional effort. Moreover, some bamboo toothbrushes have metal clips inside that hold nylon bristles. For recycling, it needs to be removed too.⁠ Again, with pliers, scissors, or something else.


That’s why most bamboo toothbrushes end up in a thrush bin… and are not recyclable at all. 

Wood is a material that can absorb water, and when you use a wooden toothbrush for a few weeks, it can soak up bacteria. What is even worse, it can get dark over time because of the humid environment in the bathroom. Plus, it can become moldy after days of use. Not a good look.



When we were making research for Effa, we talked to local dentists and asked for their opinion about different types of toothbrushes. We were surprised, but some dentists are not welcoming bamboo toothbrushes. Some of their clients complained about pain, irritation and even splinters that bamboo brush can leave on the mucous membrane of the mouth. Ouch! 



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