Why You Need To Hire A Good Designer For Your Team

Hello again, this is Dasha, a proud Ukrainian,surviving the war in my country.

I had a couple of articles about my personal and business experience during the war in my country, and I will proceed to write about that, but today I have decided to share my thoughts on some of the professional aspects of my entrepreneurial life.

As you may know, I have a startup, Effa. It is a pretty young, but still developing company, that I and my husband are building. We are helping our Planet to get rid of all of those piles of disposable plastics all over the Global Ocean. But on the other hand, we are designers. Well, actually, my husband is a designer. An industrial and brand designer. whose products once were sold at Apple stores all over the world. Impressive, ha?

And Effa’s concept and the idea actually belong to him. He was the one to invent the first-ever made paper toothbrush, and I and our team are the ones who are bringing it to life.

If you would look at our website, or a concept of Effa, the first thing you would actually notice is design. The design is seen in each and every detail of our packaging, our website, and even a pitch deck. Many of you may ask “Why the hell we are spending so much time and effort just to have a pretty product?” Well, the answer might be pretty wide.

During my entrepreneurial life, I’ve met different types of founders, and most of them did not really care about how their products looked and feel. I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of wonderful and groundbreaking ideas, but they looked so cheap and not interesting, that I would never ever become their client, neither would 90% of you. We have to understand one important thing: Your product HAS to be visually attractive. If you want to make sales, you NEED to attract people. And having good designer skills is the best way to do that.

Having a sustainable product, industrial and brand design becomes even more important. Just look at the eco-friendly or sustainable products on Amazon, or in the nearest eco-store. Most of them are blanc. They are not standing out among similar solutions on the shelves. If you look at the shelve of eco-solutions in the store — you would see a huge stain of cardboard, with green leaves as a logo. That is perfectly all.

And how do you want to change people’s behavior into going eco-friendly in 2022, when we have thousands and thousands of companies, offering their colorful packages and screaming at you “Buy me! Buy me now!”.

The whole new world opens for you if you are a startup founder. How many pitch Decks did anyone have during your startup experience? Sales deck, investor deck, pitch deck, and each one of them has tons of variations and additions to all of those presentations. And here design would play one of the most important roles. 

Of course, all the data and your product and team presentation are the main components of your deck, but the way HOW you would present all of the data, the amount of effort and attention you would pay to each detail may become the most important point, whether you would have your second meeting with your client or investor.

In your deck, you want to show all the important data, you need to show the graphs, the charts, pictures, and schemes. And if you are not paying attention to design, your deck would only terrify each person receiving it in their inbox. Design is not just about having a pretty thing on your table or on your screen. Design is all about the visual presentation of your product, or idea. A good designer can show your personality and your brand values through the product, packaging, or a startup pitch deck, so your customer, investor, or partner will fall in love with you and your product initially.

Share your startup stories and your opinions about the importance of design in a startup and I would love to have a discussion with you. Stay safe!

Dasha Kichuk


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