Meet effa.razor
A paper Razor

The mission of Effa is to replace app the plastic disposables with recyclable ones, and one of the first things coming to our heads was a disposable razor.
A piece of plastic, used for a couple of times and thrown away with no chance for recycling. This has to be different.

Effa is more than just a toothbrush.
It’s a mission to keep the world free from plastic.
It’s an endeavor for sustainable living where it’s
better for you & for the planet

Sugarcane Paper

Healthy, eco friendly and zero waste alternative to polypropylene and polyethylene used in most of razors nowadays.

We take clean sugarcane or bagasse, left from the sugar production and use it for manufacturing Effa products with a dry holding technology, reducing the amount of water used during the molding process.

The body of Effa. razor is fully biodegradable and eco-friendly, it does not contain any additives and is fully certified for hygienic use.

Paper is lightweight and safe material that can take on any shape.
That’s why Effa’s body is minimalistic, stylish and ergonomic.

The Head of Effa.Razor is made of ABS-recyclable plastic and 2 sharp metal blades, which can be easily detached for proper recycling.

Effa. Razor can be used until it is sharp enough. After using, all the parts must be detached and given for recycling accordingly.

What next?

Whenever you use Effa, it is really easy to be recycled.

You can easily separate the Head from the Body
and throw them in different bins after being used.

No other disposable razor
can do that

So welcome and Join our Effa family
We are open to partnership!

Very soon, you can order your eco friendly product, in our site

So welcome and Join
our Effa family
So welcome and
Join our Effa family